Continuous User Journey Assessment

AppProbe is a software and hardware system built around standard smartphones available on the market that replicates and captures every detail of the user journey on the app.
The scripted user's taps, touches, and scrolls are transmitted over the USB connector as actual user actions, while an external camera films what happens on the screen.
The combined data from the recorded screen movie, phone syslog, and monitored network events provide a comprehensive view of the user journey and enable checks that span from the pixel-level screen details to the specifics of the network path.

Robotic Observability Lab

AppProbe comes in two flavours, delivered as a "Lab-in-a-Box" to be installed in-house or provisioned on the cloud as a dedicated "Lab-as-Service".
AppProbe "Lab-in-a-Box" can be configured with 1 to 4 off-the-shelf Android/Apple smartphones or ready-to-get corporate devices managed by the enterprise MDM.
The measurement info collected is sent to the AppProbe cloud service for consolidation and analysis or delivered directly to the enterprise data lake and repositories.

Multi-Domain Data Collection

AppProbe collects and correlates data across various technology and application domains, providing comprehensive insights that span from display page transitions to information about underlying data traffic and peers.
With AppProbe, detailed information is captured on each measure, supporting effective drill-downs to investigate the root cause of different behaviours.
This enhanced visibility and comprehensive data collection across various domains overcome the silo barriers, allowing for a more holistic view of the user's journey.

Statistics and Machine Learning

Diagnosing the elements that affect the digital experience of the user’s journey can be complex and time-consuming, as it depends on the correct operation of several components, including hardware and software. AppProbe streamlines this process by mapping collected data points to a comprehensive ontology and applying statistical analysis and machine learning techniques to identify trends and anomalies. AppProbe provides rapid and focused anomaly identification so that it can be assigned to the appropriate team for resolution, leading to a deeper understanding of the overall system and lowering operational costs.


Organizations with extensive IT systems have often set up Operation Centers with specific software and procedures.
AppProbe is straightforward to integrate with the existing systems, and its test results can be pushed directly to the Operation Center while allowing for detailed drill-down when needed.
While a modern interface like OpenTelemetry is the preferred integration tool, AppProbe also supports legacy methods such as:
  • SNMP polls and traps
  • syslog messages
  • custom mail messages (SMTP)
  • custom SOAP WSDL
  • SMS
This flexible integration approach ensures AppProbe can work effectively in any IT environment.